Kaposi's Sarcoma

by Microbody

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released March 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Microbody Sweden

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Track Name: Kaposi's Sarcoma
The day you walked away in a quiet peaceful mind
Released from tears and pain, the worst of its kind
A day like others, the difference was that you were all alone
Not many saw the man, so thin and pale, marked in skin and bone

Skin and bone
All alone

Trapped in a dying body without chances to become free
This terrible disease was the end of your destiny
Isolated, hated, forgotten by everyone
Some people had themselves, you had less than none

You had none!

Love will always give and take
A soul will not always feel the pain

It's over now

You'll never suffer anymore
You don't suffer now
Track Name: Hard Reward (Stay On The Floor - Extended Low Price Mix)
Crawl in
Stay on your knees
Beg for please
And do what you are told
You are sold for nothing
But they are laughing
When you try to reach the top
Work until you drop
You must go on further
So how dare you ever stop
Go on, sell your freedom
Because someone needs you
But they always pay a low price

Come on
Bring attention
They can always mention you
For a great and better job
But stay on the floor
Because they have some more
What did you expect from the nob?
You are never useless
If you've passed their test
So they may see what you are good for
As their perfect whore, you will earn your score
Until your breakdown when you say NO!

Hard Reward